Youth Ministries

Below are the ways we serve youth in our local assembly & local community!

Amplified Youth Ministry

Amplified Youth Ministry’s motto is to “Amplify. Unify. Multiply”. We amplify our praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we unify as one body of believers, and we multiply souls for the Kingdom of God. Amplified Youth Ministry is for children and young adults of all ages. Through this ministry we introduce the children of Horn of Salvation to core Christian principles. We demonstrate to the youth how to apply these principles in social and scholastic settings. We empower the students with the tools and information necessary for them to excel in all areas of their life. View the calendar for the latest events for this ministry.  Amplified Youth Ministry is the umbrella ministry for the ministries listed below.

W.O.W (Worship Our Way) Children’s Church

The W.O.W Children’s Church is for children ages 0-11. We use a combination of technology enhanced and traditional classroom instruction to introduce biblical concepts and principles.

W.O.W (Worship Our Way) Youth Church

The W.O.W Youth Church is for young adults ages 12-17. We use a combination of technology enhanced instruction, motivational speaking, life coaching, and college preparatory curriculum to prepare young adults for the next stage in their lives.